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Welcome to my travel photography website!

I am a photographer based in Bowral NSW and have been lucky enough to travel in Australia, New Zealand, and around the world to places such as Tibet, South America and China.

The photos here are from a number of different trips, from my home Manly, the Northern Beaches such as Freshwater Beach, Long Reef, Avalon Beach, and a number of places around Sydney. I hope to add more images from Australia and the world!

To view these travel photos you will require Flash installed on your computer. You can download it free from this link: get Flash. If you already have Flash installed, click here to view the travel photo galleries.

Alternatively contact Darryn McKay via email for travel photos from Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia, the Northern Beaches of Sydney, New Zealand, South Island, South America, Tibet and more! Also available for wedding photography in Bowral and Sydney, with a great range of wedding packages and wedding photography options.

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