mt everest tibet photo

Jokhang Temple
Potala Palace
Sera Monastery
Drepung Monastery
Ganden Monastery

Mt Everest
Yamdrok Tso
On the road
Mt Everest

Great Wall
Summer Palace
Forbidden City
Terracotta Warriors

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Tibet is an amazing place with so much to offer. The natural beauty of this high plateau country is simply stunning, from wide lonely valleys to the soaring heights of Mt Everest. The deep spirituality of it's ancient monasteries leave a strong impression upon you, and it somehow mingles with the unspoken sadness of Tibet's terrible recent history, of what has changed, and what has been forever lost. jokhang temple tibet

There is no denying the unbelievable hardship the Tibetan people have endured, and to this day continue to endure, under a cruel, unjust, and unflinching Chinese rule. But incredibly, they seem to remain positive and optimistic for change, and we found them a happy, friendly, and strongly religious people. A wave and a smile were their constant greeting, and you can only hope (despite the odds) the best for such a warm and beautiful people.

The photos featured here were taken during a three week trip to Tibet and China in early 2007, and I hope they might encourage you to travel to Tibet as well. For a more detailed account of modern life in Tibet please read this article. If it touches you in any way please consider helping the Australian Tibet Council, either with donations, volunteer work, or simply being active in writing letters to your MP. potola palace tibet

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Update: it was a great honour that some of these photos here were used by Channel Nine during an interview with the Dalai Lama.