Bathers Pavillion Balmoral Beach

Bathers Pavillion Balmoral Beach is a beautiful venue for a wedding – the food is outstanding and the open terrace area overlooking Balmoral Beach is a wonderful place to have a drink, take in the sunset, and simply relax.

Often couples having a reception at Bathers will hold the ceremony at the Balmoral Rotunda or the Rock Island which are both nearby.

For photo locations you don’t need to go anywhere at all – there is Balmoral Beach, the stone bridge, the swimming wharf and Bathers itself. Not having to jump in cars and drive somewhere for photos just adds to the laid back nature of this venue.

Below are some photos from weddings at Bathers Balmoral:

Bathers Balmoral Beach wedding

Bathers Balmoral Beach is an awesome wedding venue

Photos near Bathers Balmoral Walking on sand Balmoral Beach Balmoral Rotunda wedding

Balmoral Rotunda

Photo on the sand with Bathers Balmoral in background

On the sand with Bathers Balmoral in the background

A wet wedding at Balmoral Beach

A wet wedding at Balmoral Beach

walking towards Bathers Balmoral

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