Sergeants Mess Wedding - Chowder Bay

The Sergeants Mess at Chowder Bay is a great wedding venue. It has wonderful Harbour views and looks modern and stylish inside plus it can cater for a range of weddings from medium to very large.

One of the great things about Sergeants Mess is you that dont need to go too far away for location photos - Chowder Bay is a short walk and there are old boat houses, a wharf, and Harbour views. For great views of Sydney city you can drive to nearby George's Heights, or there are also some bush & pathways nearby. Other options within a short drive are Bradley's Head and Balmoral Beach.

Below are some photos from weddings at Sergeants Mess - Chowder Bay.

sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/00_thumbs_SD_581B.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/SB_132_pl.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/SB_157.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/SB_511_sp.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/SB_530.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/SB_536_ms.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/thumbs_SC_476.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/thumbs_SC_482.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/thumbs_SC_550_lo.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/thumbs_SD_596_lo.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/thumbs_SD_664.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/thumbs_SD_720_lo.jpg
sergeants mess wedding #gallery sergeantsmess-chowderbay/thumbs_SD_734.jpg

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